A culture of ethics can help improve employee and customer loyalty, strengthen reputation, and support your bottom line. But just saying you’re ethical doesn’t make it so. I can help your organization cultivate ethical decision-making from the C-suite to the front line.

Strategic Business Planning

Whether you are building your strategic business plan from the ground up, or you are revising your 10-year plan, I can help ensure that ethical principles are part of your work.

Formal Decision-Making Session

A 2.5 hour, moderated session that uses a proven model for helping you make tough decisions. Questions brought to a formal ethical decision-making session might include a major policy change or a challenge to current practices.

Professional Development

Make ethical decision-making part of your organization’s professional development offerings. These one hour sessions use a real ethical dilemma faced by your staff to help and work through it in a team environment.

Literature Reviews

Is there an issue facing your organization that you want to better understand before taking any action? I can deliver a well-researched and well-written strategic report that covers both academic and public sentiment about your subject .

Let’s get started. Email me at tricia@fortyfields.com