Ethics in the Workplace

Organizational ethics is all about the principles and moral codes we bring to work or social groups. Sustaining an ethical culture requires strategy and discipline. Good ethical cultures focus on compliance. Great cultures infuse their values into every aspect of the business. Here are two ways that Forty Fields can help your organization build and sustain a great ethical culture:

Professional Development

Elevate your ethics training beyond corporate compliance by making it part of your ongoing professional development offerings. Forty Fields’ distinctive approach to ethics training uses real dilemmas your staff face, rather than academic case studies or hypothetical situations. Participants in our hour-long sessions report improvements in their ability to identify ethical dilemmas, to discuss them in partnership with others, and a stronger alignment between their personal values and the ethical culture of their workplace.

Policy Development and Review

Your mission and values are just words on a wall if you do not infuse them into your business practices. Forty Fields can conduct a thorough review of all your policies and procedures to ensure your mission and values are visible, understandable, and actionable. Services also include partnering with leadership teams and experts to write new policies.