I work with heart-centered, mission-minded individuals and businesses who want to make a difference in the lives of others. Here’s how I can help you:

  • Your Story: Everyone has a story to tell. I can help you be great at it. Together we will organize your personal journey into an inspiring, forward-looking narrative that you can feel confident about sharing. Fee: $90 for a one-time, 55-minute session to craft your story; $400 for a four-hour, in-person coaching and practice session.
  • Speech Writing: Whether it’s your annual speech to employees, a commencement address, or someone in HR asked you at the last minute to give a talk during new employee orientation, I can help. Fee: $100 per hour.
  • Content Development: Consumers today have more control over the content they will (and won’t) engage with than ever before. I can help you develop a content strategy that will bring consumers to you. Fee: $100 per hour for consulting; $300-$500 per article depending on word length and research requirements.

Let’s get started. Email me at