Ethics Consultations

Making ethical decisions in a world as complex is meaningful and important work. It can also be stressful. You don’t have to do it alone. My goal is to work with you and your team to help guide ethical decisions.

Formal Ethical Decision-Making Session

A 2.5 hour, moderated session that uses a proven model for helping you make tough decisions. Questions brought to a formal ethical decision-making session might include a major policy change or a challenge to current practices.

Education Sessions

A one-hour, brown-bag lunch session that exercises your ethics muscles. We’ll look at a real ethical dilemma faced by your staff and work through it in a team environment.

Literature Reviews

Is there an issue facing your organization that you want to better understand before taking any action? I can deliver a well-researched and well-written strategic report that covers both academic and public sentiment about your subject .

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