The Ethical Use of Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

The mass collection of personal data by corporations, academia, and governments raises many ethical concerns. How can we use all this data for the common good without infringing upon personal privacy? How can we detect and avoid bias? What rights do individuals have over the data being collected about them? These questions and more surround the ethical use of data for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

AI & Data Ethics Committees

In the right circumstances, a standing ethics committee can be invaluable for helping you identify the promises and perils of an artificial intelligence or machine learning project. Whether you are looking to establish a committee in your organization or build the capacity for ethical reviews, Forty Fields can help.


Put our expertise in internal and external communications, strategic planning, and reputation building to work. Forty Fields will partner with your technology teams to establish a strong ethical foundation for all your data collection and use cases.

Research and Writing

Our expert research and writing capabilities can improve your Board education, expand your publishing opportunities, and help ensure your organization’s data use supports and enhances your reputation.