Experiencing Jordan

A few days before I was about to leave for my first international trip my friend Carol gave me the best travel advice I've ever received: "Don't experience your trip through a camera lens," she said. "Let your eyes see it." I have carried this advice with me ever since. Wherever I go I make sure… Continue reading Experiencing Jordan


Amman: The Original City of Brotherly Love

It may not look like much on the outside, but Amman is treasure trove of history and hospitality. Also, beer. After nearly three months in Muslim-majority countries we were pretty psyched to find free flowing beer. This was home to the Ammonites of Biblical fame, who fell to King David. It was later rebuilt by… Continue reading Amman: The Original City of Brotherly Love


Is It Safe To Travel To Egypt?

After the 2011 revolution the world stopped coming to Egypt. Internal unrest, a coup, burning police stations, and lots of pro-Democracy protesters dead or in prison does not make for good marketing. Even six years later everyone thinks it's dangerous. Everyone except for the Chinese, anyway. I don't think anything scares them. We spent three… Continue reading Is It Safe To Travel To Egypt?