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How to Tell Your Personal Story

It's said so often it's become a cliché: Everyone has a story to tell. It's true, and yet having a story and being able to tell it are two different things. If you're interested in how to tell your story in a concise, meaningful, and inspirational way, here's an approach that might work for you:… Continue reading How to Tell Your Personal Story

Professional Writing

You Are A Communicator

What do you do for a living? You’ve fielded this question at cocktail parties dozens of times. Chances are your answer is some combination of your title, the industry you’re in, and your area of expertise. That’s not what you do, though. You were hired because you have a particular expertise your organization needs. But… Continue reading You Are A Communicator

Professional Writing

Meditation for the Active Mind

You've probably heard a lot of great things about the benefits of meditation – maybe even from your doctor – and perhaps you've decided to take back your morning by working this practice into your daily routine. It seems easy enough: Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. After… Continue reading Meditation for the Active Mind

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How to Get Great Reviews on Airbnb

For the intrepid traveler, the rise of the vacation home rental business has proven to be a great middle ground between higher cost hotels and a bunk bed in a budget hostel. Airbnb rentals are often cheaper than hotels, the beds tend to be more comfortable (because they're newer), and you can cook a meal for… Continue reading How to Get Great Reviews on Airbnb