Ethical Decision-Making in Health Care and Medicine

Ethics in medicine and health care is a vital part of ensuring that the public receives high-quality care. Whether its clinical case consultations, policy revisions, or public affairs, Forty Fields has the expertise to help guide your organization through the most meaningful of decisions.

Clinical Ethics Committees

Tricia Griffin, M.Bioethics, MFA, has served on both standing and ad hoc ethics committees. She has helped guide organization-wide responses to issues like organ donation, patient financial assistance, and employee benefits. She also brings a strong background in clinical ethics case consultations.

Institutional Review Boards

Our founder also has experience conducting IRB-supervised research. She is available to serve on your institutional review board as a community member.

Advocacy and Public Affairs

With nearly 20 years of experience advocating for health care reform and other structural changes, Forty Fields can partner with you to influence the local, state, and federal legislation that matter most to your patients.

Research and Writing

Expert research and writing capabilities can improve your Board education, expand your publishing opportunities, and help ensure your organization is making decisions that are backed by science.