The great paradox of social media is that it has both brought us closer together and driven us further apart. We can stay in contact with old friends, cheer each other on from afar, and help strangers in real time. Yet, we’re also flooded with viral videos, sensationalized headlines, andContinue Reading

When I left my corporate job of sixteen years to begin a year-long sabbatical I had no idea just how deeply it would change me. Over the course of that year, I touched the bones of dinosaurs and gazed upon cave paintings made by early humans. I walked on oneContinue Reading

Strength of character is a wonderful thing. Most people strive to live with integrity and authenticity. They try to be honest, to treat others fairly, and to be compassionate. It’s no surprise that businesses want to hire people who exhibit “strength of character,” and there’s reason to believe it’s worthContinue Reading

You’ve probably heard a lot of great things about the benefits of meditation – maybe even from your doctor – and perhaps you’ve decided to take back your morning by working this practice into your daily routine. It seems easy enough: Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, andContinue Reading